GIS Server SE is developed for open CentOS operating system


In KB "Panorama" the GIS Server x64 of version 6.5.0 is developed for CentOS operating system. In the new version the support of command is added for construction of geo-coverings from the data sets stored in the Databank of digital maps and remote sensing data. It allows the operator of the Databank to select records by various criteria (territory, shooting date, accuracy, type of material and others) and to form coverings from vector maps, rasters or matrixes onto the specified territory in the chosen coordinate system. Coverings are placed into the specified virtual folders on the server that provides automatic access to them of various groups of users without additional administration. For convenience of conducting versions of geo-coverings at creation of geo-covering in the specified virtual folder there are automatically created the subdirectory with a name of a formed geo-covering (the operator specifies), and in it a subdirectory with current date (YYYYMMDD) GMT.

Configuring of virtual folders for placing geo-coverings is carried out by the Administrator of Databank of Digital Maps and Remote Sensing Data for each group of the data. Coordinate system of a covering can be specified by EPSG code (for example, "epsg:3857"). For formation of geo-coverings in the user's coordinate system the record of type "crslist:USER_CODE" is supported. In this case the coordinate system parameters are read on the GIS Server from the crslist.xml file by the specified code (identifier) of coordinate system. Records into the crslist.xml file can be added from the task "View Passport" in the GIS "Panorama".

GIS Server provides remote access to vector maps, remote sensing data, matrices, documents and databases of spatial data. There is supported a multilevel connection of servers among themselves for the distributed storage and processing of spatial data with automatic replication, backup and data protection. The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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