Means of displaying symbols of aeronautical charts in GIS Constructor SE for open Scientific Linux operating system was extended


KB "Panorama"'s GIS Constructor for Scientific Linux operation system is updated to version 11.10.3. New version includes extension for means of displaying symbols of aeronautical charts and operational situation maps, that, according to document Doc 8697 ICAO, allows to display the following types of maps : Route map, Map of the area, Map of standard instruments departure (SID), Map of standard instruments arrival (STAR), Map of instrument landing system (ILS), Map of visual approach, Airfield's map with table of weather minima, Map of ground airfield movement and parking places,

Map of area of a final approach stage, Class "A" map of ICAOobstacles, Class "B" map of ICAO obstacles

GIS Constructor is a set of components for use in a visual programming environment Qt Designer that allows developing GIS applications. Visualization of the contents of the digital maps is produced by the conventional symbols accepted for topographical, geographical review, cadastral and other map types. Geographic Information System provides user wide opportunities in creation (addition) custom symbols, with support a variety of coordinate systems and projections.

The new version of the program is available for download in the Download section.

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