Panorama AGRO Service at processing data from enterprise vehicles takes into account their time zones


In KB "Panorama" the software package the Panorama AGRO Service of version 2.0 is developed. The new version takes the data from the monitoring's objects operating in different time zones. Panorama AGRO Service program is designed to solve the tasks: synchronisation of lists of monitoring's objects, equipped with telematic terminals GLONASS/GPS, between databases of operators of monitoring's satellite systems and database the GIS "Panorama AGRO"; relaying of the navigation data and indications of various sensors from services of operators of satellite navigation systems of monitoring the motor transport and the special technics into the database.

Service carries out transfer of data from following telematic platforms: AutoGraph, ENDS, Stabliner, GLOSAV, Wialon, Gelix-2. It provides possibility of obtaining the navigation information more than from eight hundreds various types of devices. Use of Panorama AGRO Service allows to refuse a rigid binding to the type of onboard kit and provides scaling of system at the expense of independent connection to it by producers of one's own objects of monitoring. Requirements to objects of monitoring are available to the public and include the description of supported sensors types, the protocol of information interaction and the registration regulations in the hardware system.

The new version of the program and documentation are available for download on the Download page.

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