In GIS "Operator" the tools of conducting special terrain maps and construction of reports by databases are refined


In KB "Panorama" the program GIS "Operator" version 11.13.4 is developed. In the new version in application the "Database" the mode is added, allowing to create reports in OpenOffice format. Unloading into the report is made with using the tools of spreadsheet OpenOffice Calc which is a part of the suite. The mode "Update of semantics" is extended. Possibility of updating of semantics of object by the key value is added (for semantics type - Code from the classifier (list)), saving/restoration of user settings is implemented.

Display of polygon symbol "CrossPolygon" is improved. There is added an inclined hatching in solid lines in a printer view and on the print with any angle of inclination up to 1 degree. The task "Image color adjustment" is improved. On the bookmark "Map" there are added the control modes by a map view in a printer mode and at the print: - Backlight titles - all titles of the map are displayed with a white outline; - Transparent fill - filling of all polygon objects are displayed transparently, transparency degree defines intensity of filling the polygons (from 0 up to 100). It is recommended to use these modes for improving the readability of titles and for maximum preservation of the raster image when displaying the map over the terrain images.

Into the list of commands pop-up by the right-hand menu button the item "Save as a map object" is added. The menu item allows you to save the selected on a map the contour obtained as a result of calculated task (construction of orthodrome, visibility zone, zone around the object, and the like). Actions on this menu element provide a selecting a sample of created object, layer and type, and also a map onto which the object will be put. In the menu File\Update and File\Update by list there is implemented the possibility of making changes into open vector map from data sets that are stored as zip-archive. The archive can contain files of type SXF or graphic files. Unpacking of archives is carried out automatically at map updating.

Into the Map Legend dialog the "Model" bookmark is added intended for displaying and editing parameters of irregular models of a surface - TIN-models (model of terrain) and MTD-models (a cloud of points).

Into the file with the description of parameters of local coordinate systems "LCS of the Russian Federation Subjects" there are added the parameters onto each zone of local coordinate system.

The list of units of measure is expanded at displaying distances and heights. There is added a choice of heights in feet and distances in nautical miles. Into dialog of building a profile of heights there are added the units of length measure - kilometers, nautical miles and the height measurement units - ft.

Into dialog "Calculator" there are added the units of measure - inches, ft, yards. In the task of Opening the data from the GIS Server there is implemented the possibility of updating the Databank of Digital Maps and Remote Sensing Data on the basis of data sets which are included into the current open document. A set of data for update can contain maps, rasters, matrixes. Vector maps before loading are converted into SXF format.

The new version of the program and documentation are available on the Download page.

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