GIS "Panorama AGRO" provides a detailed mapping of performed mechanised works


In KB "Panorama"the GIS "Panorama AGRO" version 4.9 is developed. The new version provides detailed mapping the executed field works. Onto a map in the form of polygon objects there are plotted the exact contours of worked areas and related information: turnaround time, agricultural operations, performer, data on fertilizer, ameliorations, plant protection products and other information. Initial information for monitoring the progress of field work and drawing up the relevant detailed cartograms of their implementation are the navigation data coming from the satellite positioning system equipment installed on agricultural machinery and motor vehicles.

Navigation information from the operators of satellite positioning systems (Wialon, AutoGraph, GLOSAV and others) comes automatically for further processing in GIS. The received data include the data about spatial position of monitoring's object, time of measurements registration, indications of various sensors (fuel consumption, loading, work of the unit and others). Using the collected information, indicators of carried out works automatically are calculated: the worked area, the traveled distance, fuel consumption, volume of the brought fertilizers. The built-in system of technological planning and the plan-fact analysis allows to correlate actually performed works with the planned agro-technical actions.

Agrarian GIS "Panorama" is is based on the software products: "Panorama AGRO", "Panorama-Editor FARMING", "Panorama AUTO", "Workstation of Agronomist", Panorama AGRO Service and GIS WebServer AGRO SE. Various combinations of these products in conjunction with the cartographical server (GIS Server) and professional GIS "Panorama" allow to create a single geoinformation space of agricultural holding.

The use of remote sensing data, the results of satellite navigation measurements, readings of different sensors and building on their basis of corporate agrarian geographic information system has proved highly effective in the management of agro-technical activities and ensuring reliable control technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops.

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