GIS ToolKit ensures work with spatial data from the relational databases in accordance with OGC standards


In KB "Panorama" the tools the GIS ToolKit version 12.3.6 is developed for creation of GIS applications in the environment of Delphi, C++ Builder, Embarcadero. In the new version the component is added for obtaining the spatial data (TMapSpatialDB) from relational databases in accordance with the OGC standard. The component provides connection to a database, performance of SQL-query and display of results. Spatial data can be in one of the following DBMS: PostreSQL (with PostGIS option) version 9.2 and above, Oracle (with Oracle Spatial option) version 11g and above, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above. The component provides the possibility not only to display the query results as a thematic map, but also to store them in the form of a set of thematic layers for the further use without connecting to DBMS.

The software development kit includes a detailed example of using the component, demonstrating work with database PostreSQL (from the site This base is the adapted for the Russian conditions the set of spatial data which are presented by four subjects of the Russian Federation: Kemerovo, Novosibirsk areas, Altay territory and Republic of Altai.

GIS ToolKit is a toolkit of developer of geoinformation systems, allowing to process spatial databases. The toolkit consists of a set of visual components (are delivered in the source codes) and API functions for direct access to base of geodata. The base of geodata can be located and in the workplace (direct access to the data), and in a local network or in the Internet (there are used the components of access to the GIS Server or data exchange according to international protocols WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS).

The new version of the program is available for download on the Download page.

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