In "Workstation of urban-planner" work with large volumes of urban-planning documents is optimised


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of urban-planner" version 11.13.3 is developed. The new version includes the "Complex of urban-planning tasks" of version 2.6 which provides the systematization and storage of documented information about the development of territories, use and development of land. In the new version there is optimized the placement of a large number of urban-planning documents in a database of information system of ensuring the urban-planning activity with automatic conducting the section "Affairs about built up and subject to development of land plots". There are automated the procedures of forming the documents "Building Permit" and "Permission for commissioning the object" for various objects of accounting by forms approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation of February 19, 2015 N 117/pr. The interface of the new version of the program is adapted for use of various font settings of your computer screen.

For the rapid development by users of application's possibilities the "Workstation of urban-planner" there is prepared a set of demonstration data for conducting the municipal GIS and ISCAS. The model is deployed on the server of KB "Panorama" and provides remote access of users of the desktop program "Workstation of urban-planner" to maps on the GIS Server and data from the database. The demo model of the data allows quickly and clearly to familiarise with possibilities of the "Complex of urban-planning tasks": to study an order of conducting registers of land plots and objects of capital construction; to trace the interrelation between registration units in a database and their link with objects on a map; to fill and use information on regulations of developing the territory of the municipality; to organise accumulation and accounting the documents of urban-planning activity; independently to generate documents such as "Urban Development plan of the land", "Building Permit", "Map (plan) of object of land management" and others. Information about IP-addresses, names of databases, map layers and an operating procedure with the demo data are described in the documentation. The new version of the program is available on the web-site in the Download section.

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