In "Workstation of cadastral engineer" input of source data for electronic XML-documents and text reports is synchronised


KB "Panorama" developed the updated version of the task "Cadastral documents", a part of "Workstation of cadastral engineer" of version 11.13.2. There are updated the algorithms of business logic regarding optimisation of the initial data entry procedures.

For preparation of the electronic XML-document and the text report of the land-plan there is used the information from both semantics of map objects, and additionally specified by the user. In the new version of the task "Cadastral documents" for editing the values of semantics a single dialogue "Editing of REGISTRATION DATA of object (semantics)" is used, and for additionally entered data their transfer between various dialogs of data input is automated. Thus, the map with objects of cadastral works can be placed for the multiuser access on GIS Server. In dialogue "Download cadastral data" there is implemented the possibility of drawing objects from XML-file of the land-plan of version 5.

Forms of the technical plan for buildings, constructions, objects of under construction and premises are refined regarding synchronization of data input for formation of the electronic document under XML-scheme TP_v03 and the text report. Make inactive (or invisible) the form elements that are not used when editing the selected variant of the technical plan. We eliminated duplication of columns in the table with the description of the plan of level of the real estate object. There are removed unused dates of acceptance of the work and the formation of the document for the technical plan, there is presented the entering only one date that is inserted into the report and into the XML-file. Into XML-file of the technical building plan there is added a recording the name of a building and there is corrected a format of recording the information about the area of a part of the real estate object. The area of a part of a building, construction, object of under construction and premises is recorded with one place after the decimal point. The insert into the Word report of the graphic images from the attached PDF-files for all kinds of technical plans is implemented.

The new version of the program is available on the website in the Download section.

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