"Workstation of cadastral engineer" reduces time for preparing a package of documents for sending into the body of cadastral registration


In KB "Panorama" the "Workstation of cadastral engineer" version 11.13.1 is developed. In the new version the composition of modes and modules is optimised, there are taken into consideration the wishes of users on improvement of the interface and reduction of actions at preparation of cadastral documents. In the "Geodesy editor" task the buttons duplicating each other in several panels are removed. Buttons are united into groups by a functional purpose, for example: "Modification of objects", "Signing of the sizes", "Processing of attributes of objects" and others. Some obsolete modes for formation of text reports are removed. The new panel "Preparation of plans and designs" is added, that includes modes for preparation of a graphic part of reports and electronic XML-documents.

Modes for preparation of documents for state cadastral registration of ground areas, objects of real estate, territorial zones, borders and other objects of land management are issued in the form of the separate task "Cadastral documents" which is called from the "Geodesy editor". The task includes the mode of creating a cadastral map using data from XML-file of real estate cadastre which for multiuser access can be placed on the GIS Server.

Preparation of the text report and the electronic XML-document "Map (plan) of land management object" is provided which then is included into structure of electronic document on an establishment of territorial zones or about an establishment of boundaries of objects. These electronic documents are intended for information interaction with bodies of the state cadastral registration. In addition the module "Cadastral documents" provides preparation in the electronic form of the document on the changes in characteristics of the land plots and the document on delineation of the Russian Federation. The basic modes used by cadastral engineers: "Project of land surveying", "Land Survey plan", "Technical plan for a building, construction, object under construction and a premise", "Certificate of inspection of the property" are supplemented by the elements reducing the number of manipulations at preparation of a final ZIP-package for sending into body of the cadastral registration. For convenience of users the new mode is included into the task's structure "Viewing and editing XML-file of the cadastral document" intended for entering manual editing into the ready electronic XML-document.

The mode "Layout area on the cadastral plan" is improved, formation of the text report in Microsoft Word or Open Office is implemented. The classifier survey.v4.rsc is updated. There are updated the templates of text reports for the modes "Project of land surveying", "Land Survey plan", "Map (plan) of object of land management", "Technical building plan", "Technical plan of object under construction".

The new version is available for download in the Download section.

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