Presentation on toolkits for developer of GIS-applications is prepared


Specialists of KB "Panorama" prepared the presentation on toolkits of developer of GIS-applications. Development tools work in OS Windows and various OS of Linux family. A large set of examples and documentation quickly help to develop own GIS applications that implement tasks put before the developer. Programs can be used for realisation of geoinformation solutions in various technical means, such as individual navigators, control panels by high-precision weapon, workstations, GIS-subsystem. Toolkits of the developer provides access to spatial data published by WMS-services on various proprietary protocols, including the international standards OGC WMS, WMTS, using preset settings for popular geoportals: Yandex, Google, Mail, Navitel, Rosreestr, WIKIMAPIA, YR Weather information, MAPSFORFREE the Relief, EATLAS with maps and images of the Moscow and Moscow Region; VEGA with maps of meteorological data, forest fires, vegetation; Zulu with maps of the world, St. Petersburg, Riga. GIS ToolKit is intended to develop client-server and desktop systems in which processing and visualisation of spatial data is required. The toolkit is used for programming in the environment of Embarcadero XE3-XE7 and requires the minimum customizations. The program is built on a new set of libraries of the GIS-kernel, which allows you to create 64-bit applications. GIS ToolKit Active is a set of COM objects and ActiveX components, which are based on standard GIS ToolKit package. The product is intended for use in any environment of programming that supports the ActiveX technology. In particular, GIS ToolKit ActiveX is adapted for programming in 1РЎ environment. The toolkit provides application of all types of data prepared in the GIS "Panorama 11", including imported from exchange formats of other GISs. GIS Constructor is a set of components for use in the environment of visual programming Qt-Designer, allowing to develop the GIS applications. Visualization of information of digital maps is produced in conventional signs adopted for topographical, geographical, cadastral and other types of maps. Geographic information system has ample opportunities for creation (addition) of the user conventional symbols. Supports various coordinate systems and projections. The program runs in 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It is possible to order the release of any Linux operating system. To familiarise with presentation on toolkits of developer it is possible on "Presentation" page.

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